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New Label

We’re proud to be representing the L.A. based epic orchestral/hybrid music label Dos Brains! You’ll soon be able to find their amazing music on Findthetune! You can read more about them at

27/05/2015 – Apollo Music

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Find your music and sound effects here

Findthetune is our online production music library. It contains over 300.000 tracks and 100.000 sound effects. Go to and apply for a login or go to our contact page and find out who to contact from your geographical location.

  • Summer Playlist

    Summer Playlist

  • Anniversary Playlist

    Anniversary Playlist

  • Trailer Music

    Trailer Music Playlist

  • Territory

    Placements – Territory

    We’ve placed the music in this trailer for the new Russian film “Territory”. Watch it here !
    Music: Achrens Fall by Mikkel Heimburger

  • 16 Days of Activism

    Placements – 16 Days of Activism

    This is the Norwegian contribution to the international campaign “16 Days of Activism” which focuses on domestic violence against women. Bacon Oslo is the production company and we’ve contributed with music. Watch it here!
    Music: Somethings Changed by Faye Blais

  • Wargaming

    Placements – Wargaming

    We’ve placed the action-packed track “Gun Powder” by Ninja Tracks in this explosive commercial for the computer game “World of Tanks” by Wargaming!
    Music: Gun Powder by Ninja Tracks

  • Lady of Csejte

    Placements – Lady of Csejte

    Our track plays throughout the trailer for this new Russian movie.
    Watch it here here!
    Music: Undercurrent by Kaveh Cohen & Michael D. Nielsen

Hard Music Introduction

Our brand new Canadian label is packed with upbeat tracks, modern tunes and pop/rock vocals Check it out here!


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