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Apollo Music was founded on the 2nd of October, 1979…

… Which means that we’re now 35 years old! Time flies when you’re having fun! We’d like to thank all our partners, clients and friends that made this possible, and we look forward to 35 more years of doing what we do best!

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Find your music and sound effects here

Findthetune is our online music search system. It contains over 300.000 tracks and 100.000 sound effects. Go to and apply for a login or go to our contact page and find out who to contact from your geographical location.

  • Anniversary Playlist

    Anniversary Playlist

  • Winter Playlist

    Winter Playlist

  • Trailer Music

    Trailer Music Playlist

  • Christmas Playlist

    Christmas Playlist

  • Territory

    Placements – Territory

    We’ve placed the music in this trailer for the new Russian film “Territory”. Watch it here !
    Music: Achrens Fall by Mikkel Heimburger

  • 16 Days of Activism

    Placements – 16 Days of Activism

    This is the Norwegian contribution to the international campaign “16 Days of Activism” which focuses on domestic violence against women. Bacon Oslo is the production company and we’ve contributed with music. Watch it here!
    Music: Somethings Changed by Faye Blais

  • Wargaming

    Placements – Wargaming

    We’ve placed the action-packed track “Gun Powder” by Ninja Tracks in this explosive commercial for the computer game “World of Tanks” by Wargaming!
    Music: Gun Powder by Ninja Tracks

  • Netcom

    Placements – Netcom

    DDB Oslo has used a track for two Netcom commercials.
    Watch one of them here!
    Music: Hello Sunshine by Curtis Wiley & Ronald W. Boustead

  • Opel

    Placements – Opel

    Our music has been used in this Danish viral commercial for Opel.
    Music: Skeletons In the Closet by Vincent Russo & Eliot Victor Pister
    Blurry Forms by Darko Saric

A Few Christmas Tracks

We love Christmas, so we’ve found a few examples of great Christmas tracks from Findthetune!

  • Look Back 2014

    Taking A Look Back At 2014

    2014 was an exciting year! We’ve produced a short video that shows you exactly how much the content on Findthetune has grown plus the most popular labels and tracks on Findthetune!

  • Anniversary Greetings

    Anniversary Greetings from Spider Cues

    On October 2nd, 2014, we celebrated our 35th year in the industry and our good friend and partner Noel from Spider Cues sent his greetings to us. Thanks, Noel! We look forward to 35 more years with you as well!

  • Julia Video

    Julia Shmorgun – Music Supervisor (RUSSIA)

    Julia Shmorgun is our Music Supervisor from Russia! Watch her show and tell you why you should spend more energy and time on quality music and Findthetune.

  • Popcorn Wagner

    Popcorn Wagner

    Have you ever wondered what Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” would sound like with a bag of popcorns and a microwave as the main instruments? Here’s your answer!

  • Track name: Your Perfect Gift by Ryan McLarnon, Thomas G. Westin & David Sorbar. Produced by Grayson Matthews (GML).

    Christmas Music from Apollo Music

    Sometimes Santa needs a little help to find the best Christmas music for our clients!

  • No Angel Records

    No Angel Records

    No Angel is our record label. This is where we sign new artists from all over the world and place them in movies, TV shows and commercials. Learn more at

  • Faye Blais

    Faye Blais

    Faye Blais is our resident Canadian singer-song writer. Her music can best be described as quirky, happy and indie!

  • Ronny Morris

    Ronny Morris

    Our American musician Ronny Morris is known for well-produced soft rock with a bit of a poetic feel to it.

  • Anders Ladegaard

    Anders Ladegaard

    Anders Ladegaard creates beautiful melancholic and romantic tunes. Recently he’s experienced a lot of success in Poland through several placements on the country’s biggest TV show, Lekarze.

  • Indie4Commercials


    The tracks by our No Angel Records artists can be listened to and downloaded online at, our new music search system created specifically for the creative film, TV and advertising industry.

Apollo Live

This is our own label. It contains over 9000 well-produced tracks by over 300 professional artists, bands and composers.

Check it out at!

Apollo Live


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